IOE and BSC.CSIT Entrance Preparation Questions 2023


 In this post we will provide you some model questions of IOE entrance. If you are trying to get a scholarship in Engineering and CSIT you have to give entrance exam and compete with other students. if you will succeed to pass the exam under 200 people you will get full Scholarship in Tribhuvan University.

IOE and BSC.CSIT Entrance Preparation Questions 2023

In this blog we will provide you the pdf of model question which will help you in your preparation IOE and BSC.CSIT.

IOE Entrance Model Questions

If you are preparing for IOE Entrance Examination you have to study a lot. You have to practice like a real exam then you will know how to manage time in IOE entrance Preparation. You will get 100 Questions in IOE Entrance Preparation. Those 100 questions Comes with total 4 subjects:
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
You have to study everything of these subjects which you studied previously in class 11 and 12. If you don't know who to study for IOE entrance preparation you can search these in the internet you will get a lots of videos about this topics.

In IOE Entrance exam, there is two groups. In first groups you will get 60 questions. You will get 1 marks for each question. If you mark wrong answer for the question your marks will deducted by 10% in IOE Entrance Preparation.

40 Questions are in Group B of IOE Entrance. You will get 2 marks for each questions if you mark correct answer otherwise your marks will decreased by 10 %.

IOE Entrance Model Question PDF

IOE Entrance Model Question PDF-2

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